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MOLLE bags - bags for every occasion

The MOLLE bag is what we call a multifunctional backpack! It can be used for just about anything, and is easily redesigned to fit your needs. The backpack itself is simple, but you can buy add-ons to design it just the way you need it to be. The models vary in sizes, but you can add pockets and pouches to them all. We recommend you to order the parts from the same brand, because some items might vary in colours from brand to brand.
If you need a backpack for backpacking, hiking or just a simple backpack for everyday use, we have what you need here! Check out the MOLLE system now!
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MOLLE in action

You've probably noticed it before - nylon straps or nets on the outside of tactical bags and equipment. When you encounter it in the cityscape it is most often used to carry extra carabiners or keychains. Maybe you’ve been wondering where this design is from and what it is used for? Army Star will help you understand this military system and explain how it can help you in your everyday life.


The Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS) consists of nylon straps sewn onto the load carrying equipment. The straps on the MOLLE pockets are woven between the PALS straps on the MOLLE carry equipment and finally clicked into place - this provides an extremely secure attachment that can also be removed with little effort. A newer type of PALS webbing is laser-cut from a single piece of fabric rather than the sewn-on straps on fabric. This type has become very common on many recent tactical items. The dimensions of this laser cut webbing are the same standard as the original, so the laser cut is 100% backwards compatible with older pouches made for PALS.

MOLLE packs and equipment have a quarter century on its back

The MOLLE system replaced the ALICE (All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment) system in NATO in the 1990’s and became widely used in the 2000’s. With PALS, which is a type of webbing, MOLLE, which is a type of modular gear that can be attached to each other via PALS webbing, became a popular choice even outside the military. Because MOLLE is so easy to customize to the user's needs, it became especially popular with Outdoor Equipment manufacturers because they could easily satisfy their customers' requests for custom design. You can still buy some products for the ALICE system, but it has become limited since MOLLE and its variants have conquered most of the market in a span of a few years.

MOLLE bags are for everyone and everyday

Where MOLLE really shines is when it comes to time saving and convenience. For example, when you return home from work and have to go shopping because you’re going hiking afterwards - it is incredibly easy to just remove the pouch with the keys and ID for work and then go shopping. And perhaps afterwards fix additional pouches (e.g. the first aid kit and water bottle) for the hike if you swing by your home before the adventure begins. With MOLLE equipment you minimize how often you have to repackage your bag and you don’t have to compromise on the comfort a MOLLE bag provides just because you need to change your pack size. We recommend that you buy from the same brands when assembling bag and pouch if uniformity is important to you, since variations in shades of color from brand to brand may occur.
When MOLLE first made its entrance outside the military, it was mainly with people who already appreciated what military equipment has to offer, but over time, more people understood the benefits of a modular system in everyday life and today you can get a whole host of variants when it comes to the designs of the carry equipment, as well as a good selection of colors - both of the traditional army kind and of the more funky color kind. Whether you want a nifty camouflage shoulder bag that can be expanded a bit, or a roomy backpack in an eye-catching royal blue color where you can add pouches on the side for the small things that would otherwise disappear in a big backpack, Army Star can help you out. There is no need to go down on equipment unless you actually want to.