Wool Clothe

By choosing clothes with wool, you give your body the best conditions by allowing it to breathe and absorb sweat from your body
Our authentic wool products are carefully selected according to their quality, among other things you will find the "famous" Eskimo series which has passed the biggest test by being part of the Sirius dog sled patrol
and later became permanent clothing in the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish army.

Wool is the perfect material for all types of clothing, from pullovers, long johns, socks or to soft, nice and warm underwear.
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Army Wool Clothe

Wool clothes in a raw army look

With raw army wool clothes, you are guaranteed for all kinds of weather with practical clothes. Wool has the property that it is self-cleaning, which means that wool clothes do not have to be washed often, as the wool contains lanolin which is the natural fat layer found in the lamb's wool.
By buying wool clothes from Eskimo, you are assured that the animals have incredibly good living conditions, which significantly increases the wool quality and in fact are some of the best qualities found on lambswool.

Clothes with wool are perfect for you who love to perform physical hard activities, hiking or just want a high quality army wool products.

Jump into our exciting range of cool army wool products

Is characterized by the very high demands placed on the military, which means that these products are not only comfortable but also extremely durable and contain a wide range of military properties.
The wool socks are comfortable for marching or long hiking trips by using high quality wool socks you minimize the chance of getting blisters, pain in the feet in addition you also minimize the chance of damaging your footwear.

The perfect solution

Our eskimo wool underwear is the perfect solution for you who love to ski, go hunting or other activities that require you to sit still for a long time, the wool underwear has the fantastic property that it helps to regulate your body temperature.