Rothco Quick-Drying Towel

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Super absorbent towel in a fabulous soft microfiber quality.  The towel can absorb 7 times its own weight in fluid and you can wring 90% of the fluid out!! Unfolded, the towel measures 38x60 cm and folded, the towel is really compact 7x9x2 cm!! All incredibly important elements if you are going on a longer hike, and you have a large and heavy load with you.  Ideal for hikes and camping but also suitable for trips to the swimming pool or fitness center. The towel is rapid drying, so you don't have a wet and clammy towel in your backpack or bag.
Quick Overview

  • 38x60cm

  • 90 % of the absorbed fluid can be wrung out

  • Compact  - folded dimensions 7x9x2 cm

  • Hanger strap

  • Ideal for camping, hiking, beach trips, fitness, etc.

  • Lightweight - only weighs 50 gr.

  • Rapid-drying

  • Soft and durable material

  • Super absorbent  - absorbs 7x its own weight


  • 85% Polyester, 15% Polyamide