Rothco MA-1 Bomber Jacket - Thin Blue Line

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Support the Thin Blue Line with Rothco's Thin Blue Line MA-1 Flight Jacket.

Amazing Flight Jacket from american Rothco!The MA1 -pilot's jacket is a waist lenght -jacket suitable for winter and autumn. This version has been produced by the american company Rothco, that has over 60 years of experience in the business of clothes manufacturing, and is one of the biggest producers of consumer faced army clothing in the US. The jacket's exterior is made of sturdy nylon, that can take both wind and rain. And that's just the beginning of the awesome attributes: the jacket sports five pockets in total (sleeve pockets, inside pockets, slash pockets) and has a soft, orange lining. But why orange? Read on to learn the story behind this magnificent jacket!The story behind the MA-1 -jacketThe invention of jet planes right after the WWII engendered new requirements to the pilot's clothing. As the jet planes were able to reach hights the old propel planes couldn't even dream of, the old sheep skin jackets weren't warm enough anymore. A new kind of thermal clothing was needed, clothing that would also be light enough not to restrict the pilot's movements in the crammed cockpit. And so the Flight Jacket was born. Originally the exterior was olive colour and the interior orange -this way, in case of a crash, the pilot could both melt into the surroundings to hide from the enemies or attract the attention of his rescuers.

The Thin Blue Line Shows Respect And Support For Police And Law Enforcement Officials.
Quick Overview

  • 1 zippered sleeve pocket

  • 2 inside pockets

  • 2 slash pockets

  • Sturdy zipper

  • Produced of sturdy, water repellant nylon

  • Orange lining

  • Ribbed hem, sleeves and collar

  • Windproof


  • Lining 100 % polyester