Rothco Heavy Duty Survival Blanket / Reflective

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With its 4 layer construction of insulating materials, the Heavy Duty Survival Blanket reflects up to 80% of your body heat and repels both wind and water. It is reusable, and has holdes in each corner for building e.g. bivuaks, as well as reinforced edges, which makes the blanket more durable. The blanket can, among other things, be used for:
First aid - for accidents or shock prevention
Shade from the sun - with the reflective side facing outwards
Dew collector - provides water during emergencies
Emergency sleeping bag/bivuak - with the reflective side facing inwards
Ground pad
Transportation and storage of game
And much more...
Quick Overview

  • 4 layer construction

  • Produced in the USA


  • Aluminum
    Astrolar® material (used in NASA's austronaut suits)
    Plastic (transparent)