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Rothco Canvas Equipment Bag is a practical and cool everyday/travel bag.

The bag has orange contrasting seams and army print on one side. It has a detachable shoulder strap and two solid handles. In addition to the bag's large main compartment, it has three smaller zipper pockets for smaller objects. Perfect for everyday use or travelling. The bag's measurements are within the maximum limit of most flight companies' rules for the size of hand luggage.

The bag's unique look originates from American pilots' "flight bags". The pilots' flight bag was supposed to stand out in the crowd, as it typically contained important things like flight manuals, maneuver, navigation maps, check lists, log books, weather forecasts, flight licenses and ID cards. Without his flight bag the pilot couldn't fly.
Quick Overview

  • Length: 48 cm

  • Diameter: 24 cm

  • Detachable adjustable shoulder strap

  • Zipper pocket

  • Double zipper


  • 100% cotton, canvas