Private Policy


The protection of your personal data is important to us. In order for you to feel confident when you visit our website and/or make purchases, we strictly comply with applicable laws concerning personal data protection. In the following we would like to inform you about how we collect, process, store, transfer, disclose and delete the personal information we collect. Below in section

1.1. you can read how to make use of your rights under the Personal Data Act.

1. Company and contact information

Basiswear ApS, VAT-number: 32077994, is the company responsible for collecting, processing and using your personal information. Basiswear ApS is the company that owns Army Star - therefore Basiswear ApS will be referred as "Army Star" in below.

You can contact Army Star via following information:

Address:, Nannasgade 28, 2200 Copenhagen N

Phone number: +45 88 27 67 87

E-mail address:

1.1. Rights under the Personal Data Act and the GDPR

You can always contact Army Star via contact details above to receive information about the personal information we have stored about you. It is free of charge for you to receive this information. You are also welcome to contact us to make use of your rights under the Personal Data Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

These rights include:

  • Right to disclose what personal information our company has collected about you
  • Correction to your personal information
  • Blocking and/or deleting your personal information
  • You have the right to obtain the information in accessible and usable format

However, please be aware that we cannot delete all your personal information when legal requirements are required for storage, for example Postal laws and regulations.

2. Collection, processing, use and removal of personal data

Army Star collects personal data and information about you. We do it to the extent that is crucial and necessary to serve you and/or to ensure that your order is handled and delivered correctly. Certain information is also collected for Army Stars' own marketing usage (see section 2.3 below). Personal data is information that can be attributed to an identifiable physical person. For example, it may be name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Army Star, as a rule, does not collect sensitive personal information, but certain information may in some situations be sensitive to the person concerned. Therefore, we do a lot so that your personal information is handled safely and correctly.

Data you provide when creating a customer account and when making orders is covered by the term ‘personal data’ or ‘personal information’.

Personal data collected about you is stored for 5 years, after which we delete your personal information unless there is a necessary and reasonable reason to keep the information for a longer time.

2.1. Customer Account

You can sign up for Army Stars customer account by creating one via "Create Account" feature, or by placing a checkmark during the ordering process. When logged into your account you can:

  • View and enter your preferred invoice and shipping addresses
  • View current and completed ordersDownload order confirmation and invoices as well as possible receipts
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe from the newsletter

2.1.1. Creating a client account

The following information is required for you to create a customer account at Army Star:

  • Your e-mail address
  • Your password
  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • Consent to terms and conditions

2.1.2. Use of customer account

If you wish to use your customer account for ordering products, Army Star needs the correct name, address and payment information. To send you an order confirmation, Army Star needs your valid e-mail address. The e-mail address is also used for general communication regarding your order. In addition, your e-mail is used as identification on login to your customer account.

If you do not log out of your account, you will automatically remain logged in. Logging into your customer account allows you to use a number of features, for example you can see your address information and previous orders. You will be required to enter your current password when changing your password to a new one. Your password is stored in an encrypted form and it will not be available to Army Star, or any of Army Stars' data servers.

2.2. Processing your personal information

We collect, store and process information about you in connection with your use of our website, including your orders. We use this data for technical administration, own marketing purposes (read more under section 2.3) and preventing illegal actions. Your personal information is disclosed or transferred to third parties only if: it is permitted or required by law, it is necessary to fulfill an order or if you have given a voluntary and explicit consent. As part of the fulfillment of an order, relevant information is provided to necessary external partners. These may, for example, be postal, logistics or payment companies. The information disclosed or passed on may only be used by our external partner in a manner that serves to fulfill the order unless you have consented to further processing.

Processing of your personal data is handled by personnel who has received instruction and training in the correct and safe handling of personal data.

2.3. Use of your personal information for marketing, including newsletters and advertising

In addition to processing your personal information for making orders, we also use this information for other purposes. Your personal information is used to: Improve the usage and purchase experience on our website, as well as communicate with you regarding your orders. When subscribing to our newsletter, the information can also be used to: contact you via e-mail for marketing purposes with specially customized content or targeted marketing by Army Star.

For these purposes, we use a number of your personal information: Information confirmation from receiving and reading of e-mails, information about the device you are using, your internet connection, operating system, date and time of your visit to our website, products you have looked at and your purchase history.

As for the use of these personal data, you are of course always welcome to use your personal rights, free of charge. Read more about your rights and how to apply them under section 1.1.

2.3.1. Newsletter

In order for us to send newsletters, please provide your valid e-mail address. Upon your confirmation, you agree that Army Star is allowed to send you newsletters, discounts and offers by e-mail. In addition, you allow us to transfer your information to third parties. We transfer your information to third parties, which helps us customize the content of the newsletters to your preferences. We believe this helps us to create more interesting and relevant newsletters. You also allow us to transfer your information to third party advertising platforms, such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. We do this to create more relevant content for you. The collaborators we transfer your information to are acting on our behalf. You will never be contacted by anyone other than Army Star when you allow us to send you newsletters.

You can always unsubscribe from the newsletter at the bottom of an individual newsletter, or by contacting via

2.3.2. Advertising

Personal data about you is also used in promoting of Army Star through banner ads. Banner ads are ads that appear on third-party websites. For this purpose, we use cookies and pixels. You can read more about our cookie policy under section 3. Our mission is to show you relevant and interesting ads. Therefore, you may experience seeing products that you have previously seen on our website. For banner advertising, we may forward or leave your e-mail address, as well as pseudonymized data (anonymous data) via cookies.

As for the use of these personal data, you are of course always welcome to use your personal rights, free of charge. Read more about your rights and how to apply them under section 1.1.

2.3.3. Competitions, market research and opinion polls

By participating in competitions, we use your personal information to notify you of any winnings. Individual competitions will explain specific terms and conditions for participation.

By participating in market research and opinion polls, we also take use of your information. This information we collect will not be used for advertising purposes. Specific terms and conditions may apply for the specific competition in question. Your answers are forwarded or left to third parties only, as a part of a single data set, i.e. in pseudonymized form. Your answers will not be published.

As for the use of these personal data, you are of course always welcome to use your personal rights, free of charge. Read more about your rights and how to apply them under section 1.1.

3. Cookies

Accepting cookies is a prerequisite for using our website. If you have restricted the use of cookies in your browser, please be aware that the website's functionality will be reduced. For example, you will not be possible to make purchases. When you use Army Stars website, a cookie is placed on your computer or mobile device (hard drive). You can read about how to restrict and prevent cookies under section 3.5.

3.1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that make our web page work. They are stored locally on your computer or mobile device (hard drive) and remember different settings and information. This information is exchanged between our systems. We use two different kinds of cookies: session cookies and temporary cookies. Session cookies are deleted as soon as you close your browser. Temporary cookies are located on your hard disk for a prolonged period of time. Our temporary cookies expire after 30 days and delete themselves afterwards. Storing cookies lets us optimize our webpage and our offers, as well as allows us to optimize our marketing. Additionally, cookies enable your use of our site by remembering different settings so you do not have to repeat them. Cookies are also what allows our webpage to remember if you have added an item to the shopping cart.

3.2. What information is stored in cookies?

All information stored in cookies is pseudonymized. When the cookie is activated, it is assigned an identification number. Cookies and personal information we collect will never be combined. With cookies, we only receive data related to the identification number, i.e. data that is not immediately personally identifiable. This data may indicate which pages you have visited and what products you have seen.

3.3. Are there also cookies from third parties?

We use some collaborators who help us to tailor our marketing to you so our advertising will be more relevant. Therefore, we also store cookies from our collaborators on your computer or mobile device (hard drive). These are temporary cookies, with a life span of no more than 30 days. After the cookie ends, it removes itself. Data stored in cookies can be for example information of how you have used our webpage, what products you have seen, what purchases you have made, what products you have searched for, etc. Our partners record this data and it will be used for displaying relevant content in ads and in newsletters.

3.4. Retargeting

Using retargeting advertising, cookies will help us show you interesting and relevant content. The content is selected based on your journey on our website when you visit other web pages with banner advertising. We believe that relevant ads create a better experience for our visitors and customers.

3.5. How can you restrict or prevent the storage of cookies?

You can change the settings on your browser in a way how you want it to handle cookies. You can only accept cookies if you consent to them, thus preventing cookies from being stored in the future. If you only want to save Army Star cookies, but not the ones from our collaborators, you can enable "Block third-party cookies". You will typically also find instructions on how to delete already saved cookies in the browser's "help" function.

4. Retargeting and transferring data to third parties for advertising

As part of retargeting and banner advertising, we use a number of collaborators who store cookies by visiting our website. We use the following partners:

  • Doubleclick (Google), Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA;
  • Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA;
  • Partner Ads,Dataansvarlig for Partner-ads er: AdViva ApS (Partner-ads ApS) VAT-number 31178088 Skodsborgvej 340, 2850 Nærum Denmark;

5. Secure data transfer

When transmitting data between systems, Army Star uses secure encryption via TLS - Transport Layer Security and SSL - Secure Socket Layer encoding. All systems are secured both technically and organizationally against loss, unauthorized persons access, destruction, modification or disclosure of your information.