Mil-Tec Original German 'Seesack' with zipper and shoulderstraps

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Perfect for traveling! Shoulder straps and full zipper makes it easy and comfortable for you to carry the lots of clothes on your back! It stands out from other dufflebags by having a full zipper that makes it easy for you to reach the contents.

The 'Seesack' has been used for many years and may have minor flaws or reparairs, but is far from worn out - on the contrary! It has plenty of exciting adventures left in it, either to and from the laundry room or from the hotel to faraway countries :)

A favourite among us at Army Star!
Quick Overview

  • Height: 82 cm

  • Diameter: 42 cm

  • Only gets cooler as it wears and tears

  • Full zipper with zipper cover which is secured with velcro

  • Solid shoulder straps


  • 100% cotton canvas