Mil-Tec Original BW Poncho - Used

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Thunderingly practical and totally essential! Whatever you need - a poncho is a clear winner! Quick to put on when the rain comes, takes a minimum of space in your bag or back pack. Take it on a picnic and sit on it, later that evening you can use it as a tent or bivouac, put your kids in the bike trailer, put on a poncho, arrange the poncho over the trailer - and your kids, and any shopping you have done, will all get home dry, etc. etc. This German military poncho is manufactured from a strong rubberized material that is guaranteed to keep you dry for many years to come.

USED! Item, features and design might change.

Quick Overview

  • 220 x 160 cm


  • 100% polyamide polyurethane
    100% waterproof
    Practical and compact
    Sturdy grade