Zip-off pants for men

If you’re considering buying a pair of army zip-off pants, you have come to the right place. We have three-in-one (3in1) army zip-off pants that are perfect when it´s unclear what the weather will be like. You can leave the house with long pants, but easily turn them into shorts by zipping the legs off. If you are an active outdoor enthusiast, the zip-off pants are close to the perfect piece of clothing to wear, because they do not weigh much and they have many practical pockets. Zip offs are usable year-round as you have a pair of pants and shorts in one. When you receive your zip offs, they look like a normal pair of pants, but in a snap you can unzip the lower part so you are left with a pair of comfortable shorts. It's a piece of clothing that will prepare you for all kinds of weather. The zipper is elegantly hidden behind a fold so it is not visible. The functionality and the durable quality has made zip offs popular with hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts, as you are prepared for all weather conditions and can easily switch between lighter or warmer legwear.

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