Fostex TF-2215 Mohawk Drybag 25L

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The TF-2215 Mohawk drybag is a sturdy waterproof duffel bag especially designed for challenging outdoor activities in which water plays a role.

You can easily take this waterproof duffel with you thanks to the sturdy reinforced handle. This bag is also easy to attach to, for example, other bags or a motorcycle thanks to the various fastening straps.

The drybag is perfect for sports such as kayaking, rafting, sailing, diving and other outdoor activities. A.o. equipped with an air ventilation system to let air out of the bag. The contents of the bag stay dry thanks to the waterproof PVC fabric with sealed seams and the functional closure system.
Quick Overview

  • "Features:

  • Various fastening straps with quality ITW buckles and D-rings

  • Reinforced carrying handle

  • Equipped with air ventilation system to let air out of the bag

  • Handy closing system to make the bag waterproof

  • Dimensions: 50 x 23 x 23cm (Closed bag)

  • Volume: 25 liters"