Buff Merino Wool

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Buff in 100% merino wool. The wool´s qualities are many - wonderfully soft wool that does not make you itch or scratch.

With a Buff in merino wool, you´ll get multi functional neckwear that can be used all year round. It is especially practical when it is cold, because it is effective at isolating heat and regulating the skin´s temperature. Merino wool can store up to 30 % of its own weight, without it feeling moist or heavy. The material is self-cleansing and antibacterial, and flame resistant.

During the summer, the Buff can be used as a headband, because the merino wool will naturally cool you down without sticking to your skin.

The Buff in merino wool can be used in countless ways - for example like a hat, a bandana, a balaclava, a hairband, a scarf, and a whole lot more. Your only limit is your imagination!
Quick Overview

  • Can be used all year round!

  • Can be used as a hat, scarf, mask, bandana, balaclava and headband -and a whole lot more!

  • During the summer: breathable, keeps you cool and protects you from the sun

  • Winter: isolates you from the cold and is wind resistant


  • 100% merino wool