Schott has deep roots in American culture and a heritage that spans over a century. Their iconic jackets have become a part of the American identity and symbolize the unparalleled spirit that defines freedom and the American dream. Determination and entrepreneurial spirit were the beginnings of the Schott adventure, and in 2013, they proudly celebrated their 100th anniversary. Schott NYC is still owned and operated by the third and fourth generations of the Schott family. A large part of the historic success can be attributed to Schott's handmade products. But what really sets Schott apart from other brands is their care in selecting and cutting leather skins for the jackets. They have experienced leather craftsmen whose expertise ensures that each part is cut from a skin that matches in color, grain, and texture. This attention to detail distinguishes their jackets from competitors and ensures that you receive a unique and premium jacket. When you wear a bomber jacket from Schott, you feel the spirit of history in the heavy cowhide and the stainless chrome hardware. In short, Schott NYC represents America's heritage and the rebel inside us all.
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