Bib Overall & Aprons

Here you'll find some of Dickies' most unique and original products. Bib overalls, also known as dungarees, were the first garment to hit the market from The Williamson Dickie Company in 1922, and they quickly became every man's possession, as the quality was sturdy and strong, and the price affordable. So seize the opportunity and try the original Bib overalls. Aprons - Aprons have made a comeback to stay. Taking inspiration from the old American Machine Aprons, Dickies has created these Toolmaker Aprons which have become part of the Rockabilly scene and are especially popular among barbers and other unorthodox workers. The apron comes in different variations from the more basic aprons, in durable Cotton Canvas, to the finer Raw denim version with selvedge edges, and last but not least, the American-made 1922 white oak Selvedge Denim Apron, sewn in Texas, USA.
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