Brandit U.S. Assault Pack, Medium

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Backpack with pockets in durable nylon with the MOLLE system.  
The classic "assault pack" military backpack from Brandit.  
The backpack has one large main compartment with a laptop mesh pocket, which is a pocket designed to keep your laptop or tablet safe from bumps and scrapes. The pocket measures roughly 21X20cm.  
The main compartment has a zipper on three sides, so it is easy to access everything in the bag at all times. The backpack also has a smaller compartment with a large pocket and two smaller mesh pockets. These can be tightened in to save space when you´re not using the whole bag.  
On the back, the backpack has an outside pocket. This pocket is great to store your Camelbak or water reservoirs.  
For excellent carrying comfort, the carrying straps are fully adjustable and padded. The back piece is also padded, and it is breathable.  
If you will be carrying around a heavy backpack, we suggest you use the waist belt that comes with the bag, because it will distribute the weight from your back to your hips.  
The front and sides of the bag is equipped with MOLLE features. This is a smart system which lets you add pockets and pouches to your bag, so you can design the bag just as you want to fit your own personal needs.  
An excellent backpack for school and sports.
Quick Overview

  • Approx. 45x25x20 cm

  • Mesh pocket 21X20cm

  • 25 liters


  • 100% Nylon