Great selection of berets! We have the German versions, which are very similar to the Danish in terms of shape and size. We also have the Dutch berets, which are very similar to the somewhat larger English ones. Berets can be worn in many ways - as a French béret, as a political statement or as a personal reminder of past military adventures. They are typically made of wool and can be reshaped when it's soaked in warm water (check out the bottom of the page for a guide to getting the right beret). If you want to shape your beret and wear it in a military way, first and foremost, start by taking a hot shower with your beret. Shape the flap and make sure to pull it down towards your right ear. Then roll it up, starting with the flap, and leave it to dry like that. After adjusting the ribbon so it fits your head, sew the ribbon to the lining inside of the beret so it's not visible. Position your beret the width of two fingers above the eye and you have the right military-beret style.

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