Molle pockets and pouches

You might have seen many of our bags and backpacks with the MOLLE system, but what exactly is MOLLE? MOLLE is slang from the military, and it stands for MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. You can with this system add pockets and pouches to fit your need. An example is a pouch that can carry a water bottle. This way you get to design your very own backpack! Below you will find a variety of MOLLE pockets and pouches for your MOLLE backpack. The MOLLE pockets are easily added by weaving the strap on the back of the pocket/pouch through the nylon strips on the backpack. The straps often come with a button, so that you can tie them on properly. Please note that the colours can vary from brand to brand, therefore we recommend you to buy your backpack and accessories from the same brand to avoid receiving different coloured items.

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